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Hey Thats Me.....

This is a small sample of my work. For the most part, most of my photography consists of glamour and lingerie shoots. We do all types of photography from mild to wild. Whatever you decide. I do not do a lot of nude photos, if you feel that you need them for your portfolio we will talk about it. I strive to have all my photos capture the natural sensual beauty of my models. I try to focus on a very natural Girl Nextdoor look. 

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 "As i have practiced it, photography produces pleasure and simplicity. I see something special and show it to the camera. A picture is produced. The image is held until someone see's it and then it is theirs"

- Jon Claude -
Our shoots take us to some very exotic and exciting places.
We have shot at the Super Bowl, Nascar, Springbreak, and hundreds of Tradeshows.
We do a lot of outdoor shoots, as we travel all over North America on business and vacation.

Places like: Colorado, Alaska, Florida, New York City Cali.

We are always up for a road trip





The Prettiest Girls in the World are Right Nextdoor

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